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What is Mommy’s Cooking Healthy?

In the Beginning…

Mommy’s Cooking Healthy is an inspirational work brought about my transition to a Vegan lifestyle on September 12, 2017. After conducting my own personal research into how our bodies react to certain foods, I immediately knew I needed to change my eating habits for myself as well as my family.  As a mother, I create healthy yet soulful vegan meals to better my family’s health, stop animal cruelty and improve the planet.  

Southern Vegan Meals

Food Is directly related to our heath and plays a major role in our lives.  It is very important that you pay close attention to what you allow into your Temple as well as passing this knowledge down to your children.  Certain foods and chemicals will definitely weaken their immune system, cause skin problems and deteriorate brain cells.  These issues could lead to an early death, comprehensive delays and horrible behavior.  I am from Louisiana where the iconic foods are red beans, gumbo, jambalaya, cajun po boys and seafood.  Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle does not eliminate the Cajun flavors.  Mommy’s Cooking Healthy recipes are fulfilled with the same Cajun style flavors minus the processed meats and dairy.  Our meals satisfy the southern, soulful desires in a healthier way.


About Alicia Alexandria Johnson

Author and Vegan Influencer

Born October 19, 1984, Alicia Alexandria Johnson was born in New Iberia, LA.  As the eldest of 5 siblings, she was raised in Baton Rouge, LA with spiritual love.  She was taught how to value the importance of her Faith, her Family and her Compassion.  Alicia’s adolescent years were a struggle due to her personal insecurities.  She endured the stress of childhood obesity, bullies and very low self esteem.  Alicia never gave up on herself though.  She studied Mathematics at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA.  This is when she began to discover the beauty contained within her smile and her spirit of compassion towards others.  She developed a genuine love for encouraging and inspiring others.  She began to pay more attention to her personal health by making better food choices and exercising daily.  Her self love restored rapidly.  On July 20, 2015, Alicia gave birth to her son Khyree Jackson.  Her number one priority was to ensure that he would be healthy.  He was born with a severe case of eczema which had her discouraged.  Her extensive research led to the realization that one of the most common sources of illnesses, irritations and disorders, is the chemicals in foods.  Alicia has not only improved the life of herself and her son, but she has been an inspiration to countless others that can all attest to the amazing benefits Alicia has to offer humanity.  As she has found her passion and purpose in life, she is dedicated to helping as many others as possible to do the same.

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